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Dragon Age : Inquisition

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Dark times have come to Thedas — monstrous dragons cast ominous shadows from above while chaos erupts all around you. What was once a land of peace and happiness is now ripped apart by conflict as the Mages wage bloody battle against their oppressors, the Templars. Someone must restore order to Thedas and put an end to those who seek to destroy the land. It’s time to lead the Inquisition — a band of legendary heroes and the only hope of Thedas — and wage a war to end this reign of terror.


Xbox One - $51.17

PS4 - $45.00

Xbox 360 - $47.95

PS3 - $44.55

PC - $49.99


Key Features

Become an Inquisitor and lead a band of legendary warriors on a quest through the Dragon Age to uncover the truth and restore peace and order to the land of Thedas

Win friends and make enemies as you meet fascinating characters and form dynamic relationships

Explore rugged terrains and amazing locations in a vast open world with breathtaking graphics delivered by Frostbite 3

Control your own fate by making decisions that change not only your destiny, but the future of Thedas and the physical landscape

Adapt your Inquisitor’s appearance and abilities with advanced customization options that let you develop a personal combat style, build your forces and companions and establish outposts and strongholds


Additional Information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 100 x 10 x 10 cm

Xbox one, PS4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360


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